Take charge of a Planet with Simusphere’s Robotic Planet for Android

Take charge of a Planet with Simusphere’s Robotic Planet for Android


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Robotic Planet is a new Real-Time Strategy game from Simusphere that lets you control robots while you explore and settle a small planet. Awesome name aside, I’m happy to say that Robotic Planet is also one of the best new RTS game’s I’ve seen in quite some time…

The premise of the game puts you in charge of an army of tiny little robots and you’ll need to gather resources, construct buildings, set up an economy, and do all the little things that come into play when you run a robotic city. If that’s not enough for you, you also get to produce new robots and you’ll need them to defend your city from attack and to take down your opponents base. It kind of reminds me of old school RTS’s like Command & Conquer but with little robots instead of Yuri & the Soviets. Robotic Planet has 21 scenario maps, a map generator, WiFi/Bluetooth multi-player, and lots of cool units and buildings to produce.


I’ve only played the game for around half an hour, but so far it’s a big thumbs up. The graphics are simple but nice, and the game’s got some depth as well with 21 scenarios and the included map generator. If you’re a fan of Real Time Strategy games (or Robots) you’ll definitely want to give Robotic Planet a try. There’s a demo version to let you get a feel for the game or you can dive straight into the full version for $1.49. Both versions of Robotic Planet are available for download in the Android market.

Market Link – Robotic Planet Lite

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