Slay the Undead with iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponary

Slay the Undead with iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponary


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iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponry is a new Android game from Newface Games that pits you against legions of the undead as they try to take you out. If you’re a fan of Zombie shooters, you’re gonna’ dig this one as you’ll get a small arsenal of weapons and 150 stages full of Zombie action.

iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponry is not your average shooter. You’ll quickly find this out when you go to start the game and see racks of weapons on pegboards; this is your arsenal and the way you get to the levels. For instance, when you click the P-90 you’ll get a rundown of the weapons stats then you’re given 30 stages and a Hell Wave challenge to top things off. I’m assuming the rest of the weapons follow the same order, but haven’t gotten far enough to check yet. When you complete missions and gain XP your rank and your gun are both upgraded; you’ll also get GP that can be used to buy stuff from the store. iGun-Zombie has 150 stages and “boss mode to hell wave of infinite forms”. That’s straight from the market description and while I’m not sure what the second part means, it sounds pretty cool.


iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponry may not have the shortest or most original name, but it does seem to be a solid first person shooter. You get a lot of sweet guns, the gameplay gets pretty intense, and there are plenty of zombies to kill. The layout of the game is a bit different, and I’m sure there’s quite a bit I’ve overlooked but I plan on delving further into the world of iGun Zombie over the next few days. If you’re down for a bit of Zombie killing you can pick up iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponry in the Android market for free.

Market Link – iGun Zombie: FPS + Weaponry

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