Quick Review – Kojoba’s I Like Turtles! for Android

Quick Review – Kojoba’s I Like Turtles! for Android


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Can you help the good turtles make the big dance in the Turtle Kingdom? That’s the premise behind Kojoba Labs Android game called I Like Turtles! This physics-based puzzler takes you through 80 levels, and gives you more turtles than you can shake a stick at…

I Like Turtles! is a “box removing” game of sorts that lets you remove object to try and get your turtle into the portal. You can tap on anything you see to remove it (except for boxes with red outlines) which will send your little turtle tumbling or rolling through the level. All turtles are not created equal, and you’ll want to keep that in mind when planning your route as some turtles are round while others are blocky or triangle shaped. As the game progresses you’ll encounter other objects made from different materials; metal and snow objects don’t move but almost everything else does. It’s all pretty simple until the evil red turtles come into play, if you let one of those get into the portal you’re going to fail the level. I Like Turtles! gives gamers 80 levels spanning 4 different areas and uses Openfeint which lets you go for achievements and high scores.


When I first saw this title in the market I immediately thought of the “I Like Turtles” kid from Tosh.0. What I got was a nice little puzzler that’s easy to play and a whole lotta’ fun. Kojoba. There are other games of this nature out there, but I Like Turtles! does a great job of making you think before you start removing items. There’s a free ad-supported version of I Like Turtles! in the market you can check out or you can grab or the Pro version that’s minus the ads for $1.99.


Market Link – I Like Turtles!

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