Physics Flinging Fun with Meowch! for Android

Physics Flinging Fun with Meowch! for Android


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Meowch! is a new Android game from Nah-Meen Studios that lets you take control of three runaway cats as you try to guide them to freedom. Freedom won’t come easy though as you’ll need to avoid electricity and cat ladies as you jump from rooftop to rooftop.

Moving your feline friend through the levels is as easy as dragging your finger back as Meowch! has that slingshot physics action that we’ve come to know and love. Once a level starts you have to fling your kitty through the level and pick up all the glowing posters before making your escape to the exit. You’ll bounce from satellite dishes, leap over electric lines, and cling to windows as you go building to building looking for the posters. It starts out fairly simple, but gets much trickier when the cat lady comes into play as she’ll snatch you from any yellow window you land on if you don’t move quickly enough. Falling and Electricity will also send you to your demise, but the cat lady has been my biggest nemesis so far.



Meowch! is a great new Physics flinger and a game folks definitely need to check out. There are tons of physics games out there, but the style of the game and the way you fling the kitties around the levels makes Meowch! stand out. I definitely plan on spending some more time with the game, and highly recommend everyone else do the same. There is a free version of Meowch! that gives you 8 levels to try while the full version gives you 36 set across 3 stages. You can find both versions of Meowch! in the Android market.


Market Link – Meowch!

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