Mojo Bones prepares to Unleash The Curse for Android

Mojo Bones prepares to Unleash The Curse for Android


The guys at Mojo Bones introduced themselves to the world of Android a few weeks back with a cool Android game called Tongue Tied! They’ve been pretty busy since then having released a Valentine’s Day update for Tongue Tied while putting the finishing touches on a new game titled “The Curse.” The team’s effort is a total 360 from their first as this time around you’ll delve deep into the mysteries of The Curse while you take on the trickster simply known as The Mannequin…

Mojo Bones has kept The Curse under wraps for the most part, but here’s what we’ve learned so far. It’s a puzzle game, but a puzzle game with a storyline as you attempt to solve the mysteries in an ancient book. This old tome has 100 pages which means you’ll have a whopping 100 puzzles to work your way through as you put your logic solving skills to the test. We don’t have anything in the way of screens, but a few things in the trailer did pique my interest. The old record player, cyptic symbols, the laid back jazzy soundtrack, and the very mysterious looking mask with the monocle. We may not know what the gameplay actually looks like yet, but the trailer has definitely left me curious.

No official release date has been announced yet, but I’ve been told in good confidence that it will be sometime in April. The Curse looks to be a great new puzzler with a classic vibe, and it’s definitely a game I look forward to checking out when it arrives. We’ll keep you updated on The Curse as news comes in, until then you can check out Tongue Tied! or Mojo Bones facebook page for more info on the studio and The Curse.

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