Jeebumm releases Taumi – Disc Challenge for Android

Jeebumm releases Taumi – Disc Challenge for Android


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Taumi is a new Android game from Jeebumm that takes the classic games of Air Hockey and Ping Pong and combines them into something new. If you’re in the mood for some Tron like disc slinging fun, Taumi – Disc Challenge might be just the game for you.

The game takes place in one of several arenas; you’ll take to one side while your opponent takes the other. Your goal is to keep the disc out of the goal by catching it, and once you’ve caught it you’ll want to send it screaming back towards your challenger. The first one to score the set amount of points takes the game; it’s a simple premise and it’s fairly easy to play. Movement and firing your disk is all done through a virtual d-pad of sorts; you hold in the direction you want to go, slide by double tapping and throw by tapping in the red zone on the pad. There are some pretty cool power-ups in there as well, to use those you just need to collect them when they appear and tap your player to activate them.


Taumi – Disc Challenge is a great looking game that’s very easy on the eyes, but the controls could use a bit of adjusting. Moving your little man about is easy, but it can be difficult to aim your disk at times. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but it could use a little fine tuning. Overall, it’s a fun quick-play game that’s definitely worth a look. You can pick up Taumi – Disk Challenge in the Android market for free.

Market Link – Taumi Disc Challenge

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