Freeze Tag Inc’s Rocket Weasel blasts onto Android

Freeze Tag Inc’s Rocket Weasel blasts onto Android


Rocket Weasel is a new Android game from Freeze Tag Inc. that takes gamers on a wild ride with a rocket wearing Weasel. It seems as if the Farmer has trapped some of your weasily students and you’ll need to help Mr. Weasel free his students from the farmers’ traps. You’ll blast your way through scores of awesome levels while freeing your students and gobbling down every chicken you come across.

Rocket Weasel is a physics flinging game which means you’ll launch your rocket wearing weasel with your finger and hone your aim based on previous trajectories. Just breaking out your fellow weasels would be too easy though, so you’re going to have to avoid bouncing baby Porcupines and big blue Oxen along with plenty of other wacky animals. This physics-based flinger’ offers up 64 fun levels set across 4 different worlds and adds around 30 achievements with the uber-popular scoring system known as Openfeint.


I’ve only been able to go through a handful of levels, but Rocket Weasel is a killer game so far. The graphics & characters are great and the gameplay is top-notch as well. I look forward to spending some more time with the game this week and will have a full write-up in the very near future. Rocket Weasel can be found on the Amazon App store for $1.99; it will be available in the Android market soon as well with a paid and freemium version to boot.

Rocket Weasel

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