Fat Pebble’s Clay Jam Contest lets you get into the Game

Fat Pebble’s Clay Jam Contest lets you get into the Game


You may have heard of a cool new Android game on the horizon called Clay Jam from Fat Pebble. Clay Jam drops you into a world of modeling clay and puts you in the role of a clay pebble that’s just trying to roll down a hill. Unfortunately, there are a lot of obstacles to get past and a giant monster lying in wait at the bottom of each hill.

The premise behind the game is a good one, and honestly it sound pretty damned awesome to me. What makes it better? Well, the folks at Fat Pebble are giving gamers a chance to literally get in the game as they’re running a contest to see who can design the best monster. You can make your monster out of anything you like from clay to papier-mâché or even doughnuts and popsicle sticks… they really don’t care they just want to see your best monster. Once your Monster is done you post it on their Facebook page or email it to them so they can pick a winner. Fat Pebble then takes the wining monster, turns it into clay and puts it into their game as one of the big hill Boss Monsters! Pretty cool no? The contest runs through the 29th so put your thinking caps on and get creative so you can brag to your friends when your monster makes it into the game.


The game itself sounds great, but the fact the developers are giving gamers a chance to get their creation into the game (as a boss monster nonetheless) is very cool. This is a contest I plan on getting in on myself, and if any of you have a lick of artistic talent or a good imagination I’d advise you to do the same. The contest runs through the end of February and Clay Jam will be released this month as well. Check out the links below for more info.

Contest & Game Info

Fat Pebble’s Facebook

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