Fabulapps releases New Puzzler Kiko: The Last Totem

Fabulapps releases New Puzzler Kiko: The Last Totem


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Can you help Kiko get his precious totem back? That’s the premise behind Fabulapps new Android game Kiko: The Last Totem. Kiko is a cat and you’ll have to guide said kitty through 80 exciting levels on his way victory and his long lost totem.

The levels are laid out in a maze of sorts; Kiko is at one end with your goal at the other. You’ll move Kiko by sliding your finger in the direction you want to go, but once you start moving you won’t stop until you hit an obstacle. You will get some help along the way from transporters, and a few other devices; Kiko’s feline friends even stop in to lend a hand as well. The game offers up 80 levels split across three levels of difficulty; easy and medium have 30 a piece while hard gives you 20. There is a store that lets you buy extra levels, goodies, and even a level editor so you can make your own stages to share.


I’ve only played through a handful of levels so far, but I definitely like what I see. The levels look great and definitely offer up a challenge while the in-app section of the app is nice as well and the prices on the extras are very reasonable.  Kiko: The Last Totem is a nice puzzler and one that folks should definitely check out. You can pick up Fabulapps Kiko: The Last Totem in the Android market for free.

Market Link – Kiko: The Last Totem

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