Become a Superhero with Wonder Pants for Android

Become a Superhero with Wonder Pants for Android


If you’ve ever wanted to play an underwear wearing Superhero named Darrell, we’ve got just the game for you with Scrambles new Android game called Wonder Pants. Darrell is can’t dodge bullets or shoot bolts from his eyes, but he can jump pretty high and enjoys saving cats…

Darrell’s a jumper and making him jump is as easy as touching the screen. The longer you touch the screen, the stronger you’re jump will be and there’s a nifty little gauge help you get it right. Rescuing cats is no simple task, but you’ll get t little assistance in the form of trampolines, parachutes and grappling hooks. Wonder Pants gives gamers over 70 levels, but it seems to be pretty bare in the extras & options department for now.


When I stumbled across this one on Appbrain, I wasn’t sure what to think and was surprised to see a underwear wearing Superhero named Darrell. I only tested a few levels out, but the graphics are nice and the levels seemed to get tricky early on. Wonder Pants looks to be a good quick-play game with colorful graphics and an easy to use control scheme. There isn’t a free version, but you check out the full version of Wonder Pants for $0.99 in the Android Market.

Market Link - Wonder Pants

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