The Best Andriod Action & Arcade Games of 2011

The Best Andriod Action & Arcade Games of 2011

As 2011 came to a close and 2012 is underway, we thought it was the perfect time to break out our Best Android Games of the 2011 lists. After several debates, arguments, and a few hurt feelings the staff at & has managed to put together several Top 5 lists of the best games to drop in 2011. We’ve done it by genre, and this time around we’re giving you our top picks for the best Action & Arcade games. Without further ado, we proudly present The Best Android Action & Arcade Games of 2011…

1. Grow

Grow was one of the earliest games I covered for this site, and one of the first Android games that really wowed me. I’m happy to say that almost a year later the game still wows me, and by the number of downloads it’s received I’m not the only one. Grow let’s you control a very hungry fish that wants to eat everything in the aquarium. The more you eat, the more you grow and the funner the game becomes. The game has a whopping 78 levels set across 7 different environments with two modes of difficulty. Epic Pixel did an awesome job on the game and its definitely worthy of being one of the year’s best. You can get Grow Free and the Paid version of Grow in the Android market.

2. Spirit HD

Jakyl dropped some great games this year, but one called Spirit HD stood head and shoulders above the rest. Spirit HD is a trippy, intense game that lets you guide a spirit against many different enemies. You’ll take out those enemies by creating vortex’s with your fingers which sucks the bad guys into another dimension. The retro graphics and unique gameplay really make Spirit an awesome game and one that everyone should check out if they haven’t already. You can get Marco Mazzoli’s Spirit HD for $1.99 in the android market.

3. Robotek

Robotek drops you into a colorful world that’s been taken over by robots, and you’re job is to take it back one node at a time. The graphics and the mention of robots are initially what drew me to the game, but I was soon enthralled by its unique battle system. Every battle has you trying to destroy an enemy mainframe, and you’re attack or actions are determined by the spin of a slot machine. Once you take a spin you can teleport new robots into your group, do repairs, try to hack the other team, and attack of the enemy of course. Robotek is a nice blend of the RPG, Strategy, and Action genres; the robots and the whole game has a nice retro vibe to it as well. You can pick up Robotek by Hexage for free in the Android market.

4. Age of Zombies

Zombies love brains like gamers love games and the two collided with a quirky little game called Age of Zombies from Halfbrick Studios. Age of Zombies is an intense shooter that has you taking on wave after wave of undead masses in the role of the games hero… Barry Steakfries. There are plenty of weapons, levels, lots of humor, and the gameplay it top-notch. No free version is available, but the full version of Age of Zombies is a steal at only $0.99 cents.

5. Blood & Glory

Glu Mobile has put out a wide variety of game over the past year and you never quite know what they’ve got coming up next. They gave gamers a pleasant surprise several months ago with a bloody little gladiator game called Blood & Glory. This hack and slash game will wow you with its graphics and surprise you with how difficult it gets. The controls are simple, but as you progress the gladiators get extremely nasty. No good sandals & swords game is complete without cool gear, and Blood & Glory has that as well with plenty of swords and armor to go around. It’s a great game and even comes in Bloody and non-bloody for those squeamish gamers out there. You can pick up Blood & Glory for free in the market.

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