Spry Fox LLC releases Triple Town for Android

Spry Fox LLC releases Triple Town for Android


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Triple Town from Spry Fox LLC is one of those Android Games you just have to play to really “get”, but it’s an awesome puzzler nonetheless. Many people have already played the game across the web, and last week we got a mobile version for our Androids.

The game is billed as an original puzzle game, and I would whole heartedly agree with that statement as I’ve never played anything quite like Triple Town. Your goal in the game is to build the largest city possible, and the bigger your city is the more points you’ll receive. How you actually build your city is where the originality comes into play as this building game morphs into a match-3 game. Plant three grasses together and you get a bush; plant three bushes together, and you’ll get a tree. Flowers, trees, bushes, castles, and cathedrals will fill your city if you can stay ahead of the big ol’ bears  that constantly try and block your progress.


Triple Town comes highly-rated so I was anxious to check the game out. Unfortunately, I along with a lot of other folks have had some issues running the game lately. It worked fine for me until the recent update, now I get force close issues on the reg. I’m sure Spry Fox will get the kinks worked out and when they do look for this to be a very popular game. If you’d like to give Triple Town a go you can find it for free in the Android market.


Triple Town

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