RanaSoft releases 8 Android Games into the Market

RanaSoft releases 8 Android Games into the Market



I had never heard of the game makers known as RanaSoft until I noticed a new Android Game called HungrySeal when I was browsing the market. Then I saw one called Egg Farm, and then it was Hop Race and Poly HD. Their games have been on iTunes for a while now, and it looks like they’ve brought 8 of their titles over to Android over the past week.

We’ll kick things off with Hop Race, a cool little 3D game that lets you frog race with origami frogs.  Nice concept and I’ll be taking a closer look at this game soon. Next up we’ve got Poly HD, a brick-breaker style game has you busting up blocks over the ocean by using your centipede like creatures wormy body. HungrySeal is a nice looking quick play game that lets you slide around an iceberg while trying to gobble up fish& eat fish; not much depth to it, but it’s still good fun.

We also have the puzzling entries I’ll call the EggFarm games; there are four of these with EggFarm, EggFarm DrawnUp, EggFarm LineUp, and EggFarm SwitchUp. I call them puzzling for two reasons, mainly because they fall into the puzzle/match-3 genre, but also because they should’ve been included in game and not 4 separate ones. I didn’t save the best for last in this case as Tapcoon definitely wasn’t my favorite. The graphics looked rushed, especially compared to Hop Frog or HungrySeal and the controls seemed a bit off as well.


I’d love to say that all 8 releases are awesome, but unfortunately I can’t say that as the releases are really a mixed bag depending on what you’re looking for. All their games are nice quick play games, but I thought that Tapcoon was by far the worst of the bunch with no real redeeming qualities in my eyes. That being said, I liked Poly and Hope Race; the Egg games weren’t bad either, but should really all be combined into one game. The controls on several of the games could use a little tightening up, but everything I briefly tried seemed playable. Overall, it looks as if RanaSoft has released a little something for everyone and best of all they can be all be had for free in the Android market.


 Ranasoft’s Games

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