Physics Based Fun with Ice Breaker! from Ezjoy Network

Physics Based Fun with Ice Breaker! from Ezjoy Network


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Physics games are a very popular genre in the market, and some of the best Android games out there are physics-based. Well, we just added another good one to with a game called Ice Breaker! from Ezjoy network.

Ice Breaker! takes notes from several other games with it’s gameplay, but busting up ice and the way you go about it is unique. As you go through the levels you’ll fire spiky little bombs at ice sculptures and you need to destroy a certain percentage of them to move on. So far I’ve encountered a few different types of bombs with splitters, and triple bombs; both of which are fun to setup and set off. There are right around 30 levels in Ice Breaker! and I believe there are 4 different types of shots. There are no real extras or options to speak of, besides a few plugs for “My Coins” and Ezjoy’s other games.


Ice Breaker is a fun game and a great way to kill time, but there are a few things that keep me from bumping it from good to great. The gameplay is solid, but the layout and sound could use a little fine tuning. It’s not that any of its bad, it just feels a bit unfinished and could definitely benefit from a bit more polish in my opinion. It is a free, ad-supported game so you’re going to get hit with those as well although they don’t really affect your gameplay. Overall, it’s a fun, free game and one that’s worth checking out. You can pick up Ice Breaker! in the Android market for free.

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