Mominis releases Giovanni’s Nightmare for Android

Mominis releases Giovanni’s Nightmare for Android


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Developers Mominis put out a colorful Android game a few days ago titled Giovanni’s Nightmare. This new Arcade game will have players collecting alarm clocks and jellybeans as they take out enemies and help Giovanni escape his nightmare.

Apparently Giovanni had a spicy supper before turning in, and as is the case most of the time the spicy food brought on some funky bad dreams. You’ll need to collect the alarm clocks to pass each level, and can take out enemies by stomping on their heads, throwing flour or through a combination of both. Defeated enemies will leave behind colorful jelly beans; the beans are added into your final score for the level along with your time. The levels also use the “star system” where stars are awarded based on your performance; the game uses 5 stars instead of the usual three so level perfectionists should dig the extra challenge.  Giovanni’s Nightmare offers up 24 challenging missions set across 5 funky worlds, and each one seems to be a little trippier than the last.


I played through a few levels of the game, and so far I like what I see. I like the whole dream theme behind the game and the trippy worlds and vibrant characters suit it nicely. The controls feel like they could be tightened up just a bit, but I didn’t have any major issues with them during gameplay. Overall, Giovanni’s Nightmare is a crazy little platformer that kids and adults can both enjoy. You can find Giovanni’s Nightmare in the Android market for free.


Giovanni’s Nightmare

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