Kongregate releases / ESCAPE \ for Android

Kongregate releases / ESCAPE \ for Android

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/ ESCAPE \ is a new Android game from Incredible Ape and Kongregate that lets you climb walls and avoid obstacles as a pixilated lil’ Ninja. It’s also a frustratingly fun game that may have you climbing the walls by the time you finally put it down…

In / ESCAPE \ you basically jump left and right to go up a series of steel girders to see how high you can get. Controlling you’re hyperactive ninja is about as simple as you can get; you just tap once to jump and hold to jump higher. Combo jumps will help you build up speed which you’ll need as there’s a big ol’ laser right behind you. There are plenty of other obstacles thrown in your way as well which makes / ESCAPE \ one of the harder vertical jumping games I’ve playing in awhile. There aren’t really any features or extras to speak of, but if you use Kongregate you can earn Kongregate badges and GameStop PowerUp rewards for playing which aint’ too shabby.


As I’ve said many times in the past, jumping games just aren’t my thing and its probably because I’m horrible at them. Well, I’m horrible at / ESCAPE \ as well, but for some reason I just keep playing. I’m not sure if it’s the retro soundtrack or pixily graphics, but it’s been a good time so far. If you want to get your jump on, you can pick up / ESCAPE \ from the Android market for $0.99.

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