Glu Mobile Releases Beach Ball Crab Mayhem for Android

Glu Mobile Releases Beach Ball Crab Mayhem for Android


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Glu Mobile quietly released a new Android game into the market on Saturday called Beach Ball Crab Mayhem. Crabs playing beach volleyball sounds like a quirky, but fitting combination and the game as whole is pretty funky as well.

Beach Ball Crab Mayhem has a few different modes of play with Adventure, Scoring, and Bluetooth Duel. Adventure mode is the main mode where you’ll follow the storyline and have to complete certain challenges while scoring lets you shoot for the high score. Bluetooth Duel is pretty self explanatory; it’s touted as cross-platform, but I’ve yet to try that feature. You’re also given the opportunity to customize your crabs by changing up their color, expression, eyes, and stare. I didn’t notice any other options of note; there are scoring tables, but no online scorekeeping or Openfeint.


Glu Mobile has put out some pretty slick games over the past few years, and while Beach Ball Crab Mayhem seems like a nice idea the game feels rushed. I haven’t spent a lot of time with the game, but I honestly didn’t want to after playing for only 10 minutes. The controls are simple, but pretty clunky and the game just feels a little incomplete. It’s a free game so prepare to be assaulted by ads in the menu’s, but thankfully there aren’t any during gameplay. I think some people will enjoy the game, but most “gamers” will probably want to pass on this one. You can find Glu Mobile’s Beach Ball Crab Mayhem in the Android market for free.

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