Fruit Ninja with Lightsabers? Enter Brisksaver from Mekanism Inc.

Fruit Ninja with Lightsabers? Enter Brisksaver from Mekanism Inc.

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Occasionally, I see an Android game that gets me excited by its name alone… this was not the case with Brisksaber as the name left me scratching my head. Once I connected the dots and though “lightsaber” I clicked the link and was pleasantly surprised to find a Star Wars themed Fruit Ninja style game. Fruit Ninja with lightsabers? Yup, but before you get too excited just remember think of all the mediocre Star Wars games we’ve seen in the past…

Brisksaber is basically a Fruit Ninja clone with a nice Star Wars theme that has some of the characters you know and love from that universe that’s far, far away. As it’s a clone and everyone’s played Fruit Ninja we won’t cover the gameplay aspect of things, we’ll just say that if you can move a finger you can play this game.There are two modes of play with Survival and Time Trial modes; both modes can be played as the good guys or the dark side.

There are also several different lightsabers that can be used, but most will need to be unlocked with Brisk Cap Codes at The cap codes are actually kind of interesting as the more people that use the brisk unlock codes, the more gear that gets unlocked. All the items you slice in the game have been unlocked, and there looks to be around 15 more unlockable items including Luke Skywalker, a Sith Infiltrator, and even Jabba the Hut.


Ireally wanted to like… actually LOVE this game as I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan when Lucas isn’t screwing with my childhood memories. While I think brisksaber is a great idea, it could definitely use a little work. I tested Brisksaber on a few devices and while it ran on all of them, the gameplay wasn’t near as smooth as Fruit Ninja. In a slicing game that’s a pretty big deal and when you take into account there isn’t any depth to the game (leaderboards didn’t work for me) it hampers what could’ve been an unbelievably awesome game. The graphics and sound effects on the other hand are top-notch and great to see. Brisksaver is a decent game that needs a good tune-up; I think Star Wars fans will enjoy the characters and sound effects regardless though. You can pick up Brisksaber from Mekanism Inc. for free in the Android market.

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