Dual Studios releases Physics Doodler Draw Ball for Android

Dual Studios releases Physics Doodler Draw Ball for Android


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Fans of physics games got a treat a few days ago when a new Android game called Draw Ball dropped into the market. Draw Ball is the latest effort from Dual Studios and it’s a simple, yet addictive game that will definitely test your mettle.

Playing Draw Ball is easy; you simply need to draw lines with your finger to try and advance the ball to the goal. As it is a physics-based game, the ball will bounce around a bit so you’ll need to keep that in mind when laying out the route. Draw Ball uses the 3-star setup as well which let’s you grab stars which are used for advancement to the next world. There are 60 levels in the game spread out across 5 different chapters, and while I’ve only played into two chapters it seems as if each one will present a new challenge and theme.


Draw Ball is similar to other physics-based doodling games in a few ways, but its simplicity and difficulty has kept me coming back for more. It is a little sparse in the extras department as there are no achievements or options to speak of, but it’s still been a blast to play thus far. There is a light version of Draw Ball that lets you try out the first 12 levels for free while the full version gives you all 60 for $0.99 cents.


Draw Ball

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