Brave the Skies releases Clay Shooting for Android

Brave the Skies releases Clay Shooting for Android

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Clay Pigeon Shooting is a new Android game from Brave the Skies that lets you take down clay pigeons in several different modes. The game is endorsed by Michael Shepard, and it’s definitely a step up from the clay shooting in good old Duck Hunt.

Anyone who’s ever shot a clay pigeon knows you use a shotgun, and controlling your gun is easy to do. You aim through touching the gun and moving it around the screen and fire by touching the screen with a free finger. Clay Pigeon Shooting gives gamers several different modes of play with Practice, Simulation, Arcade, and Mini-games.  Practice mode gives you 30 seconds to knock out as many targets as possible while Simulation mode is definitely for more seasoned shooters.

Simulation mode lets you choose between Skeet and Down the line; Skeet uses two traps while Down the Line uses a single trap in front of five shooting positions. Arcade mode has you losing a life for every clay you miss and advancing if you hit enough of them. Last but not least, we have the mini-games or game as there’s just one that needs to be unlocked called Crow Hunt. As for options, you can turn on/off the sound and crosshairs or show the FPS; the game also has a high scoring table which is a must for a game of this nature.

Clay Pigeon Shooting is an easy game to play, but it’s pretty tough to master the different modes as the Clays can really start flying. Graphically, the game doesn’t look bad, but it is a little plain Jane compared to some others I’ve played; that being said, the gameplay is what counts and I found the shooting and controls to be spot on. Clay Pigeon Shooting would be a nice little game for people who enjoy target shooting, and you can pick it up for $0.99 cents in the market.

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