Avantis Game Studio releases Caps for Android

Avantis Game Studio releases Caps for Android


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Caps is a fun new Android game that lets you take out enemy caps across many different battlefields tables. It’s the only other “table” flipping game I’ve played other than Paper Football and it’s quite a bit of fun…

Basically you take bottle caps and slingshot/slide them across the table to take out the enemies caps by knocking them off the table. Every table has its own hazards that hinder you and your enemy as you fire away, but there are also hidden bonus stars under certain objects that can help to boost your score. The game boasts 9 different cool looking tables with around 50 levels in all. Right now there is only mission mode and local multiplayer, but the developers say that online multiplayer will be added in the near future and I’m looking forward to checking that out when it arrives.


The idea behind Caps is a good one, and the gameplay translates well on touchscreen devices. The game seems a little barebones at the moment with no highscore tables or extras, but the addition of online multiplayer will definitely add to the game. I only had time to play a few quick rounds and so far I like what I see; be sure to check back for a full review in the very near future. Avantis Game Studios Caps is available to download for free in the Android market.


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