Appsforcure releases Chutes and Ladders for Android

Appsforcure releases Chutes and Ladders for Android
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The classic game Chutes and Ladders has been around for ages, and its one of the few games that hasn’t been done on Android… until now. Thanks to the folks at Appsforcure fans of the game can now play Chutes and Ladders on their Android device.


I’ve actually seen a few versions of Chutes and Ladders on different platforms over the years with the boardgame being a childhood favorite. This version isn’t as graphical, but the basic premise stays the same as all the other versions. The game consists of100 squares, a dice, an opponent, and a game board that has chutes and ladders. You and your opponent take turns rolling the die, and once you’ll move the amount of squares you roll.  If you land on a chute you go sliding down to the squares below and if you hit a ladder up you go. You get an extra roll if you can manage to roll a 6, and can kick your opponent from the square if you both land on the same one. The gamplay is straightforward and there aren’t many options/extras, but it’s quite a bit of fun nonetheless.


While this isn’t a graphically intense game, the gameplay/concept is solid and it’s great be able to fire up the game and play a little Chutes and Ladders on my phone. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Appsforcure gives a portion of the proceeds over to charity when you purchase any of their apps. If you’re a fan of the original game, why not pick up this version and do a little good at the same time. You can find Appsforcure’s Chutes and Ladders in the Android market for $0.99.

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