Top 10 Android Games of the Week – December 4th, 2011

Top 10 Android Games of the Week – December 4th, 2011

1. World of Goo

World of Goo is an award winning game from 2D Boy that puts you to work building towers of Goo with lots of hapless little Goo Balls. All Goo Balls are not created equal as you’ll soon find out when dealing with different types of Goo. At its core World of Goo may be a physics-building game, but once you get sucked in you’ll find out it’s much more than that. This quirky little game has a unique style, an engaging storyline, great atmosphere, and more globs of Goo than you can shake a stick at. I highly recommend people check this one out, it’s one of the best games you can get for your Android. There is a demo version available to see how it runs on your device or you can go ahead and grab the full version of World of Goo for $2.99.

2. Frisbee Forever

Frisbee® Forever is a Frisbee themed game by developers Kiloo Games. You’ll get to toss around the classic disk, but the twist comes in the form of tracks as you’ll fly your Frisbee through 100 awesome tracks that take you from the Ocean to the Mountains, and everywhere in between. There are also tons of different Frisbees to unlock which adds a little depth to this fast-paced game. Frisbee Forever is free to download in the Android Market.

3. Fling a Thing

Fling A Thing is a funky new flinging game from Big Blue Bubble makers of the uber-popular game Burn the Rope. The game lets you fling 7 different “things” across 3 worlds, and your things will stick to objects with some help of their suction cup mouths. I haven’t gotten a change to play this yet, but from what I’ve seen with the screens and trailers this game will be very popular, very soon. You can get Fling a Thing in the Android market for free.

4. Fling!

Fling! is an addictive puzzle game from Candycane Apps with the simple, but unique theme of flinging little furry creatures off the screen. There are over 100,000 unique puzzle that are broken down into 35 levels of gradually increasing difficulty. Once you take into account 4 games modes, Fling! is a game that’s going to keep you busy for quite some time. Very cool game, and you can get it for free in the market.

5. Tank Riders

Polarbit’s Tank Riders pops you into a little tank and throws you into the fray on a variety of 3D maps. You get great graphics, Campaign mode, and best of all…online multiplayer. Last but certainly not least this slick RTS game has downloadable maps, achievements, and leaderboards to let you find out who the best Tank Rider is. Polarbit did an awesome job with the Tank Riders; you can pick it up in the market for $1.99.

6. Paper Zombie

Paper Zombie is a new Zombie game from WildBit Studios that puts you right up close and personal with hordes of Zombies. This action packed game throws zombies at you from all directions and you’ll have to take them out and protect survivors for as long as you can. As the undead are made of paper, you main implements of destruction will be sharp objects and you’ll take down the Zombies ala Fruit Ninja style as you slash your way to victory. Paper Zombie is available in the Android market for free.

7. Shine Runner

Developers Vector Unit dropped another water-based game in the form into the market this week with Shine Runner. Shine Runner has you piloting a boat, but you won’t be racing… you’ll be running moonshine, and trading supplies with the locals on the bayous. Anyone who knows the shine, knows that Smokey won’t be far behind and the game has environments that you can smash to bits. Shine Runner is available to download in the Android market for $1.99.

8. HeavenHell

HeavenHell is a new game from Nelphy Games makers of the popular game Sliceween. If you couldn’t tell by the title, this game involves Heaven & Hell as well as plenty of cute little Angels and Devils. Your goal in the game is to use the Angels to get the Devils into the fires below, and you’ll do so by rolling them into the fiery pits. The gameplay makes the game standout and also makes HeavenHell a blast to play. You can check out HeavenHell in the Android market for free.

9. Twist n’ Catch

Twist n’ Catch is a new puzzle game from Okugi Studio that puts you to work helping an explorer bring back the treasures he discovers on his adventures. Your monkey Sergeant Cookie will help you out a bit by lowering you into tombs by rope, but you’ll have to “twist” your way to freedom while grabbing the treasures and avoiding the traps. Twist n’ Catch is a fun little puzzler and you can play the trial or pick up the full version for $1.06

10. Voltage

Voltage is a new Puzzle game for Android that’s all making a connection. We’ll there’s a little more than that to it, imagine playing Tetris with circuits and you’ll have a good idea of what Voltage is all about. Boolba Labs did a great job with the puzzler, and you may be shocked (pun intended) at just how much fun it is. You can grab Voltage for free in the market.

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