The Top 5 Android Christmas Games

The Top 5 Android Christmas Games

Christmas is right around the corner, and games are a great way to relax a little and unburden yourself from the holiday stress. We thought it would be a great time to put together a list of the best Christmas themed games out there, and while there are a lot of them we whittled it down to 5 we think are the best. Without further ado, proudly presents our Top 5 Christmas games for Android…

1. Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition

Beyond Ynth is one of my favorite games, and it’s also one of the best Puzzle games out there. The folks at FDG Entertainment have given their fans a little gift in the form of Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition. While its only 5 levels, it’s still a blast to play and is a great introduction to the unique gameplay of Beyond Ynth. It’s an award winning game for a reason folks, and it’s a game I highly recommend everyone check out. You can pick up Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition in the Android market for free.

2. Greedy Spiders

While this one isn’t a full Christmas game, the folks at Blyts added some great Christmas themed levels to their popular game Greedy Spiders. You’ll get to save those cute little helpless bugs from the spiders in around 30 different Xmas levels and if you’ve already have the full version of the game you get 10 more levels thrown in. You get to the levels by clicking a present in the middle of the level selection screen, and you’ll need 100 stars to unlock them or you can give the guys at Blyts a well deserved Like on Facebook. I’ve been playing this one half the morning already; it’s a very nice addition to an already great game. You can pick up the free or full versions of Greedy Spiders in the Android market.

3. Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village is a new Christmas game from Making Fun Inc that puts you to work building Santa’s Village at the North Pole. The game lets you customize your tiny village with over 120 buildings and decorations and gives you plenty of quests to do as well. Throw in the fact you get mini-games liked Snowball Frenzy and Reindeer Flight School and you’ve got a very solid Christmas game on your hands. Fans of city building games will definitely want to check out Santa’s Village; it’s a fun little Christmas game and you can get it for free in the Android market.

4. Tap Zoo: Santa’s Quest

Fans of Pocket Gems Tap Zoo have a reason to rejoice this season with the Christmas themed Tap Zoo: Santa’s Quest. Your job is to put together a Christmas Zoo for little Tim so he can bring some Christmas cheer to his orphanage. You’ll build a Zoo based on the 12 days of Christmas and you get to do all the usual things like decorating your Zoo and crossbreeding animals to get the funkiest combinations possible. You can grab Tap Zoo: Santa’s Quest in the market for free.

5. Bubble Blast Holiday Edition

Magma Mobile gave its fans a treat this week with Bubble Blast Holiday Edition. This Christmas themed bubble popping game gives you everything you loved about the original version along with two different modes of play with Arcade mode and the 2200 level Puzzle mode. You can pick up Bubble Blast Holiday Edition in the market for free.

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